Let Sandglass whisk you away to another world where you can indulge your sense of adventure and explore the local culture and cuisine during your exclusive stay while enjoying the hallmark of close and personalized service that only Sandglass can offer.

Introducing a new hospitality concept, Sandglass draws from the natural riches of Central America while celebrating the warm and welcoming spirit of the Mediterranean to create a way of living without limits. Prepare to leave your day-to-day life behind and breathe in the feeling of peace and serenity of the most beautiful and remote corners of nature.

At Sandglass, we seek to find the perfect synergy between the adventurous soul and explorer spirit, and the comfort of Sandglass. It is our goal to find the perfect balance for the adventurous soul.

We provide that comfort of home so many seek while on holiday while offering this experience in unique accommodations set in the most exotic and undiscovered destinations on the planet.

Our international travel experience has led us to conceive a new way of understanding travel — that the travelers of today want remote destination experiences and local fare, without compromising on the luxurious quality of their stay.