Koora Hotel transports you into the natural beauty of Costa Rica. Surrounded by the lush vegetation and wildlife of Monteverde in the heart of the Cloud Forest Reserve, this lodge is in the middle of the country’s most internationally recognized ecotourism destination. Overlooking the Gulf of Nicoya, Koora offers a warm atmosphere with its comfortable rooms which include daily maid service and cleaning, a delicious daily menu that includes fresh local ingredients, and a variety of nature activities in the area.

This luxury lodge in the middle of the jungle is the place to daydream, and where you can both relax and enjoy the flora and fauna. Without schedules or overcrowding, for the most adventurous and explorer-minded spirits, this lodge fuses the search for hospitality excellence, thanks to personalized service, and the informal and warm character that makes up the essence of its environment.

Koora offers spectacular views of the Costa Rican biodiversity that surrounds it, where you can breathe fresh air and enjoy the magic of its exclusive location. In addition, Koora enjoys complimentary direct access from the hotel to the protected area of the Aguti Reserve, a complex that boasts 4 km of trails in the Cloud Forest.

Accommodation is divided into bungalows which can accommodate 2 or 4 guests and suites. The Junior Bungalow is a spacious room with views of the surrounding forest. The Deluxe option has a romantic balcony overlooking the Gulf of Nicoya, the perfect stay for couples celebrating their honeymoon or anniversary. The third type is the Family Bungalow, a two-level cabin that completely blends in with the landscape. This accommodation also includes a balcony that allows you to be in direct contact with nature. The suites are divided into the Family Suite, the largest suite with panoramic views of the Cloud Forest Reserve, and the Junior Suite, filled with natural sunlight streaming through large windows.


One of the highlights is Koora’s exquisite menu. Its restaurant, Kiré, which means “light” in Maleku, is inspired by the local population as part of the identity of Koora and raises the standards of its artisanal products to the maximum. There is an international inspiration as well, combined with influences and ingredients from Costa Rican cuisine. Kiré offers three meals a day, ranging from the most traditional dishes to vegan and vegetarian alternatives.

The menu offerings at Kiré also carry a commitment to the community where local producers work sustainably to preserve natural resources.

In addition, its bar area offers a more casual side of Kiré, along with unique signature cocktails to enjoy at any time of the day.


In addition to a menu that is on par with its services, and several rooms and suites to choose from to soak up the best version of the essence of Koora, the resort also offers unique, exciting activities in and around nature. Through a special tour-booking service, guests can visit nature reserves, try canopy tours, or enjoy waterfalls or hanging bridges among many other wonders of the area.

Wellness and self-care are a fundamental part of the stay. Koora offers fitness and wellness services such as yoga classes, treatments with relaxing massages, or deep tissue massages, so you can completely disconnect and take this experience to its maximum level of excellence.



Koora Hotel is more than just an accommodation in the middle of a natural paradise. Visiting here means entering an authentic temple where you can discover firsthand the richness of our planet in its purest and wildest state.

Surrounded by nature, Koora sits in the middle of the forest, five minutes from the center of Monteverde, one of the most special and magical places in the country, with one of the few cloud forests in the world. The Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Reserve is witness to 2.5% of the world’s biodiversity.

The hotel is in the heart of the most renowned destinations in Costa Rica, with complimentary access to the Aguti Reserve: a complex with 4 km of trails that allows you to enjoy the many species of animals and plants that coexist in complete harmony.


Located six kilometers west of the city of Santa Elena, this Costa Rican corner gathers 25% of the world’s biodiversity and is home to thousands of different species of animals (more than 500 types of birds, insects—including butterflies, pumas, jaguars in danger of extinction, or the red-eyed tree frog—a symbol of the country) as well as an abundance of plants of all shapes and sizes.

This extremely fertile land is ideal for producing coffee. The local population has been chiefly dedicated to its cultivation, one of the main traditions of the country. So, one of the “must-do” activities on the visit to Monteverde is the coffee tour, where you can discover the local culture and delve into the tradition and origins of this land’s relationship with everyone’s favorite morning beverage.