“Explore at will” conveys the ability of being able to enjoy the most unknown and amazing corners of our planet and thus satisfy the appetite for discovery without abandoning luxurious comfort.


At Sandglass, we take inspiration from the adventurous and restless spirit of the traveler. We want our guests to enjoy new experiences through the lens of nature and local tradition, and to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life, without sacrificing comfort and the highest levels of quality.


Commitment to the community is one of the pillars of our philosophy. The exquisiteness of exotic locations gives way to a curiosity about roots, local character, culture, and history. We are an active member of each community, and we enjoy participating in local events and creating job opportunities for locals, as well as cultivating real relationships in the community that thrive over time. “Whether the accommodation is surrounded by lush forest or at eye level with mountains, visitors have the privilege of living like locals while staying in comfortable lodging which becomes one with the land.”


The magic of a place takes us beyond the landscape. From relaxing and unwinding to the amazing local cuisine, wellness areas, and other complimentary amenities that make each stay a literal sanctuary, be assured you can escape from the world and breathe in peace and serenity.

Outside the traditional setting, at Sandglass, we offer you the power to connect with every place, every person, and every detail without abandoning nature or the local culture.


The crystalline waters, the scent of a tropical jungle, the warmth of the sand beneath our feet — it’s up to us to discover the wonders that each locale can offer us. At Sandglass, we understand a journey is an opportunity to seek complete renewal of body and soul, and to build a story that matches our identity. We get in tune with these corners of the planet when they excite our senses and satisfy our appetite for discovering new sensations. We absorb the magic and soak up the colors, scents, and tastes of the most remote wonders of the world.