THE HIVE is located on the Pacific Ocean in Peninsula Papagayo, a secluded hideaway on Costa Rica’s north pacific coast and a sanctuary for adventure and exploration. With International fights arriving at Guanacaste Airport (LIR), this special place is just a quick 45 minute drive time away.

Floating between sea and sky is THE HIVE, a private residence that’s altogether different from every other villa in the area. Seductive and sensual, THE HIVE is a gathering place – where groups of up to 16 friends, couples and multi-generational families come together to reconnect and experience the wonders of Costa Rica.


There’s an unexpected, yet intentional lightness and flow to this place. Beds float above the ground, and views from each bedroom flow from inside to the outside jungle, ocean and beyond. It’s hard to describe the feeling you feel while staying at THE HIVE other than to say being one with a place never felt more right, right now.

Each of THE HIVE’s six en suite bedrooms were individually designed to cater to individual tastes. You’ll want to explore, and then choose the bedroom that speaks to you. As you awake each morning, the curtains open to reveal another show, different than the day before, put on by the sea, sky, and sun.

Three bedrooms offer an outdoor terraza, a perch above the jungle to exhale before you open a book, then slowly find yourself nodding off for an unexpected nap. Dreamy bathrooms are ideal for a luxe bath experience, and bedroom sitting areas create cocoon-like spaces for a cup of coffee or a bit of quiet time to take in the view.


Dining at THE HIVE is an adventure in itself, with our full-time chef guiding you through an array of dishes that focus on the freshest seafood and produce Costa Rica offers.

Chef is on hand to cater to your every need for breakfast and dinner everyday. And while he excels at traditional Costa Rican and Central American food, if you have a taste for something particular, all you have to do is ask.

Our indoor dining area comfortably seats eight and is nestled between the turquoise colors of a world-class show kitchen and the infinity pool and ocean beyond. And with seating for 10, the outdoor terraza is a picture-perfect setting for a relaxing breakfast, lite lunch or multi-course evening extravaganza. This is a place to have a leisurely meal in a relaxing place where the only thing on your mind is the incredible view and being surrounded by the ones you love.


THE HIVE was designed to be a place you can come and stay, and never have to leave. Cantilevered over the jungle below lies an infinity pool that’s built for effortless floating while gazing skyward at fluffy clouds drifting by, and a wide deck with umbrellas and lounge chairs provide comfort and cover from the midday sun.

Beyond the sun and pool, THE HIVE continues to grow, offering teens and families places to escape and hang out.

Fitness buffs don’t take a vacation from working out so our gym keep bodies healthy and active, even if you are on vacation.

As you descend into the jungle and away from the buzz of THE HIVE, you encounter a true sanctuary in our wellness area. We’ll coordinate sessions for you and your guests to have our certified massage therapist heal tired bodies. Afterward, step into the Hammam where steam combines with aromatics and essential oils to offer therapy, a method of cleansing, and a place for relaxation.


The beauty of the THE HIVE is that you make every experience exactly what you’d like it to be. It can be energetic and buzzy or utterly serene and calm. Whether you want to get your heart pumping or get your mind to slow down, the HIVE offers an array of features and experiences to satisfy every need.

Want to go throw pottery with a member of a local indigenous tribe? Learn how to make hand-made tortillas with an 80-year old abuela in her home who doesn’t speak a word of English? Or visit a beekeeper and collect honey in the Blue Zone where its residents inextricably live to be 100 years old? Our concierge has connections with local residents throughout the area who are more than happy to share the mystique and magic of Costa Rica with you. All you have to do is ask.