About Us


Travel is changing because the world is changing, and that means the needs of travelers are also changing. Sandglass recognizes the need to adapt and only adds to this progress by offering a unique sense of place where the visitor’s experience with the local culture goes beyond what mere vacation destinations have offered in the past. People want more — more immersion in the customs, the food, the traditions, the crafts.

Sandglass fuses the vibrant energy of Central America’s deep connection with nature and the free and relaxed spirit of the Mediterranean coast. Far from the most touristy and overcrowded destinations, Sandglass appeals to the curious and adventurous and is a place where wellness and balance are more than attainable. It is a true hospitality revolution that brings the most adventurous travellers to the most unspoiled corners of the world, and where the exclusive accommodations make them feel right at home.



Sandglass is much more than a vacation destination. By allowing guests to soak up the essence of each locale’s specific culture, Sandglass seeks to create an environment that encourages exploration and stirs the senses and wanderlust without abandoning those five-star amenities the modern traveler desires.


Enchanting accommodations in idyllic settings, from the heart of a lush Central American rainforest to the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean, captivating locations offer an incomparable experience where guests can truly unwind.

“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost and to reach out eagerly without fear for newer and richer experiences.”


Although each of us has different expectations when we pack our bags and set off for new lands, we all long for something different outside our usual circle, but without completely detaching ourselves from familiar comforts.

At Sandglass, our mission is to convey a feeling of home to all our guests, no matter how far they have travelled. Through a perfect combination of our unique, inspirational spaces and our unmatched hospitality, our accommodations will appeal to even the most adventurous-minded spirits.


As ideals evolve and generations pass, we understand what people want when it comes to travel — a new way to explore nature and immerse themselves in local traditions without sacrificing the ease and comfort offered by the most lavish accommodations.

Our vision is that of a traveler with new aspirations, new challenges, and new ways to enjoy rest and tranquility. We believe in a unique and innovative concept with a global outlook toward undiscovered corners located in enticing destinations.


The Sandglass philosophy offers a complete and rewarding experience where guests can soak up the magic of the special places that our planet offers.