Looking for your next adventure? One of the world’s most biodiverse countries and popular tourist destinations, Costa Rica is home to half a million species, offering visitors a chance to enjoy its untamed nature and stunning coastlines. Despite its small size, this Central American gem boasts wilderness and wildlife that keep travelers coming back.

Visiting Monteverde in the green season

The green season is the rainy season andis a magical time to visit Costa Rica and the Monteverde area. The vibrant green flora and native fauna allow travelers to experience the country in all its purity and splendor.

Visit the breathtaking cloud forests of Monteverde between April and November to spot countless animals, insects, reptiles, and birds you’ve only seen in pictures and soak up the luscious green landscapes that can’t be seen during the most touristy times of the year. This is the perfect time to escape the crowds and discover Monteverde’s hidden gems at a slower pace.

What to do in Monteverde in the green season

Kick off your visit with the beautiful El Tigre Waterfalls.

Enjoy the four-hour trek through natural landscapes to the falls, with an opportunity to return on a horseback. You can also visit the rainforest and plan various inside activities to avoid the usual rainfalls in the late afternoon.

Travelers can also marvel at the panoramic views of the hanging bridges in the Selvatura Park, go bird watching in the Aguti Reserve, experience the local cuisine, or practice yoga surrounded by nature or on their bungalow terrace during their stay at the Koora Hotel.

Nestled in the idyllic Monteverde, the hotel is perfectly located to offer its guests a peaceful getaway. Adjacent to the Aguti Reserve, and with access to the reserve included in your stay, Koora offers you a rejuvenating experience and a unique way to experience the beauty of Costa Rica.

The Koora Hotel’s restaurant, Kiré, offers the best Costa Rican cuisine. Inspired by international trends and using fresh local products, the restaurant is also committed to making a meaningful impact on the local community. The delicious and varied menu includes traditional choices such as soups, salads, and meat dishes, as well as vegan and vegetarian options.

Wonder when the perfect time to visit Monteverde in Costa Rica is? The answer is an easy one – don’t miss a chance to explore this emerald jewel during the green season. Whether you choose to travel solo or with your family and friends, relax and enjoy the ride.