The importance of time, one of the things we have learned to appreciate more over the past couple of years, has radically changed our philosophy of life. New ways of working, with more flexibility in both schedules and location and a higher priority for leisure and quality time, have resulted in the Bleisure trend.

This concept, led by the millennial generation, allows us to work and enjoy at the same time, achieving a more friendly and productive day-to-day, and this in turn, positively affects the hospitality sector the whole year. Moreover, this type of tourism goes beyond a simple trip that combines work and leisure simultaneously. It has improved how it is implemented to such an extent that it becomes an enjoyable journey of work and leisure for those who take it up.

This flexibility attracts the traveler throughout the year, opening doors to unique opportunities such as enjoying the most unusual corners of our planet in the low season and where to explore the essence of each place away from the crowds of the high season. This happens in places like Koora Hotela meeting point of the wildest nature and Costa Rican culture in the heart of the Cloud Forest.

This new trend also brings a more demanding profile that seeks excellence in every detail. Hotels and companies in the sector must jump on the bandwagon by adapting their offer to these new needs. The destination is no longer everything but only one of the elements that complete the experience.

Among other things, gastronomic and wellness offer is becoming increasingly important every month. Connect with the country‚Äôs origins, taste the local product, and turn it into a ritual through restaurants such as Pergola in the boutique hotel Iconic Santoriniand disconnect and relax in its spa with personalized massages and a sublime indoor heated pool and whirlpool for additional relaxation.

This new concept of Bleisure will undoubtedly be making its mark. A way to make the most of a work trip is to get to know other places in the world and to have new experiences from a more relaxed and motivating point of view.