Travel means much more than just packing your bags and heading to a different destination. Discovering new cultures, stepping into their world, and disconnecting from your everyday life are some of the benefits of exploring new horizons.

More and more travelers who are searching for peace and tranquility, a place where they can escape from the hustle and bustle and stress of their daily routine, and above all, simply enjoy being alive, are choosing a wellness vacation. Wellness spaces have become the new deal breaker when visitors choose the perfect accommodation to stay for a few days, or even longer.

From healthy cuisine to yoga, mindfulness, walking in nature, or enjoying a massage or a spa session, are the activities guests need to balance their souls — a chance to simply relax and unwind in the most beautiful parts of the world.

Nature as a meeting point for wellness

The link between nature and wellness is one of the most special aspects of places like Koora Hotel, in the heart of Costa Rica’s natural paradise in the Monteverde area, where, in addition to being the perfect place for the most adventurous spirits, it is also a haven of peace and tranquility. At Koora you can enjoy the practice of yoga in direct contact with nature on the private terrace of its bungalows and with the only sound being the birds in the distance.

In addition, the Aguti Reserve, just a few steps from the hotel, is one of the most special places to enjoy a walk and observe the flora and fauna surrounding the hotel. Koora’s cuisine also encourages a healthy lifestyle by offering fresh local ingredients, homemade infusions, natural smoothies, and even vegetarian options.

The wellness package always ends at the spa

The spa is where the wellness experience culminates. Here, you can reset and renew, from the inside out.

A place as special as the boutique hotel Iconic Santorini, perfect for a romantic getaway in the picturesque Greek village of Imerovigli, is a sanctuary of peace in the heart of the Mediterranean, thanks to its spa and wellness package. Guests can enjoy a variety of services and treatments in their private suite, such as personalized massages at the hands of highly qualified therapists, along with a stunning heated indoor pool and whirlpool for added relaxation.

The magnificent Casa Anjali villa in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica, offers the option of scheduling your massage with the concierge but receiving it in your private villa, right in the middle of paradise, surrounded by the stunning views of the jungle and the Pacific Ocean.

As the needs of the guests change, it’s important that vacation destinations change with them, offering exactly what every visitor needs to ensure their stay is restful, regenerative, and quite simply exceptional.