Greece boasts a special and inspiring charm. Amid the calm of the Mediterranean’s blue skies and water, it shines, showing off its lively spirit. This volcanic island embraces the traveler who wanders its infinite corners, discovering its many delights.

Pergola Restaurant, located in the iconic Santorini hotel, brings together at the hands of its inspiring executive chef, Matthew Sorotos, the essence of Greek cuisine with a new concept transferred to the kitchen — World Fusion.

Fusion cuisine blends culinary traditions and techniques to create innovative and unique dishes. For example, the Pergola Restaurant uses fresh local ingredients like cherry tomatoes, eggplants, fava beans, and Aegean fish and combines them with international dishes like Asian Bao Buns, Argentinian Rib Eyes, Middle Eastern Hummus, Mexican Tostadas or Chilean Ceviche. The result? Tasty, fresh, and diverse culinary experience.

“One of the things you learn growing up in a Greek family is to care for the dishes you serve. This is what guides my inspiration and my need to find the best ingredients and work with them with a creative, yet comforting touch.” – Matthew Sorotos.

The magic of the local cuisine incorporates the traditional flavors of the area — the seafood and veal, a variety of Greek cheeses and wine — always paying tribute to the essence of Greece. Also, Pergola prides itself on its variety of freshly prepared authentic homemade dishes — from moussaka and croquettes to freshly baked bread, homemade jams, seasonal fruit, and Greek yogurt. The menu changes according to what’s in season and offers many vegetarian options.

Chef Sorotos insists on using locally sourced ingredients in his dishes as the combination of the Aegean Sea breeze, year-round sunshine, and Santorini’s fertile volcanic soil all help create the perfect environment for growing delicious produce, including grapes which produce the perfect wines to enjoy with Pergola’s menu.

The tradition of Santorini winemaking dates to the time following the eruption of the volcano around 1600 BC. The resulting volcanic soil is particularly suited for producing grapes with well-balanced acidity and aromatic bouquets.

Visitors can also experience unique wine tasting events.  Pergola has recently hosted a wine tasting led by the president of Greek Sommeliers, Andreas Matthidis, where participants enjoyed tasting some of the 40 varieties of locally grown grapes that produce whites, rosés, and reds, and learned about the elements that make wine the perfect pairing for bringing out the flavor of a particular dish.